Alignment Conveyor

Alignment Conveyor
The alignment conveyor improves log feed to Kadant Carmanah's stranders used in the production of OSB.
The product provides operators with improved wood yield, strand quality, and higher production throughput. The design incorporates a series of rolls and lobes that rise and fall from underneath the conveyor through a bed plate with corresponding slots. As these implements rotate, they advance and align the logs in the infeed chamber. The rolls and bed plate are supported by heavy steel framing to allow years of low maintenance and trouble-free operation.

Higher Wood Yield/Improved Strand Quality

The production of OSB relies on quality strands. In tree length processes, logs tend to misalign with the cutting edge of the strander, not parallel to the face or grain of the log, this impacts strand quality. The alignment conveyor, while moving the logs, gently shuffles the log pocket to align the logs so they are presented more parallel to the cutting face of the strander.

Increased Fiber Throughput

The action of shuffling the logs during alignment increases the density of the log pocket, reducing the volume of air voids. Replacing voids with a higher volume of fiber increases the amount of wood being processed, allowing a higher level of production.
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