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ARGUS Smart-Connected Technologies

ARGUS Vision System

Kadant Carmanah Design is proud to introduce the next generation of strand technology: ARGUS Condition Monitoring & Analysis. 

By installing sensors that collect data-driven insight about how your SmartRING Strander is operating in real-time, you can make more informed decisions about how to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your stranding operation.

Argus FMS


The Fines Measurement System (FMS) continuously scans the strander outfeed conveyor to provide real-time fines percentages for every cutting pass. Removing the variability and errors associated with infrequent and inconsistent manual strand sampling provides OSB producers more relevant data for making better process decisions.
ARGUS-FMS was developed in collaboration with FPInnovations
Argus LFO


The main limiting factor in producing more from stranders is the fill factor in the log feeding system. By providing real-time and shift reporting on log fill levels, the Log Fill Optimizer (LFO) gives operators the tools and confidence to know if more logs will fit into the load pocket.
Argus LDO


The Log Deck Optimizer (LDO) tells operators the volume of wood staged on the log deck, prior to feeding into the load pocket. When combined with ARGUS-LFO, operators have full visibility over the strander feed system, allowing the delivery of consistently full batches into the strander.

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