Chippers - Disc Wastewood

Chippers - Disc (Wastewood)
Kadant Carmanah produces some of the wood industry's highest quality and robust chippers for waste-wood and whole-log applications.
With more than 90 years' experience, the company and its predecessors have manufactured thousands of chippers installed in pulp woodrooms, 'stand-alone' chip plants, sawmill and planer mill sites throughout the world.

Cast-Disc Chipper

By manufacturing the chipper disc from a casting, material can easily be located in areas that the design dictates will yield a stiff, high inertia disc. Cast-disc chippers manufactured by Kadant Carmanah are known in the industry for their robust construction. Features such as the swing away side anvil door and air-operated housing opening come standard on this series.

Advantage Chipper

For budget conscious operations, Kadant Carmanah designed the "no-frills" Advantage Chipper. The discs in this series of chipper are manufactured from steel plate and precision machined to tight tolerances. Keeping the cost low on this chipper meant eliminating some non-essential features; the air-operated housing opening is replaced by a sliding door and a conventional fixed anvil takes the place of the swing away side anvil door found on the cast-disc chippers.

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