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Integrated Scoring Knife

Integrated Scoring Knife
The Integrated Scoring Knife (ISK) is the next evolution of the Disposable Knife System (DKS).
Combining the function of the cutting knives, counterknives, and scoring knives into a single, lightweight knife helps to reduce maintenance and improve strand quality while retaining the safety benefits that DKS offers.


(Disposable Knife System)


(Integrated Scoring Knives)

Integrated Scoring Knife


  • Light
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Consistent counter knife angle
  • Superior strength and wear properties
  • Extremely accurate dimensions and tolerances
  • Integrated scoring knife


  • Fines reduction – 2% or greater
  • Improved knife life – 20% or greater
  • Safe handling– Light, small and easy to handle
  • Safe operation – Eliminate wood packing & knife pack separation
  • Reduce knife changes – 1 per shift or less
  • Shorter knife changes – Save 10-20 minutes or greater, no need to replace scoring knives
  • Consistent strand quality – Sharper scoring tips, reduced tip width, better alignment
  • Reduce fiber damage – Accurate scoring tip and knife projection
  • Reduce long term costs – No grinding room, grinder, tooling, or specialized staff required

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