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Industrial Machining & Fabrication

Kadant Carmanah offers not only the highest quality machinery, but also the services and expertise to maintain it. Settling for nothing less than perfection.

With more than 90 years serving local industry, Kadant Carmanah Design (and its predecessor companies) has developed considerable skill in the areas of machining and fabrication. Many of our shop personnel have decades of experience in the manufacture and assembly of extremely sophisticated and precision equipment for a variety of industries.

Kadant Carmanah offers Industrial Machining, Fabrication, and Stress Relieving Services

Industrial Machining

The company's machining department settles for nothing less than perfection.  The company's capital equipment, including Ring and Disc Stranders and Chippers supplied to the Engineered Wood and Pulp & Paper industries, require precision manufacturing - there can be no compromise. As a result, the company's skill and ability is considerable and benefits all our customers. Kadant Carmanah's machining capability includes vertical and horizontal boring mills.

Industrial Fabrication

Our fabrication department houses a 20 ton crane, a 10,000 pound capacity welding positioner, a 200 ton press, and a 11’x12’x7’ calibrated stress relieving oven to address the needs of our customers for large-scale fabrication requirements. In our assembly department, we have a 300 ton horizontal press, and a crane capacity of 35 tons to allow straightforward handling of large projects.


Kadant Carmanah’s manufacturing site is located in Surrey, British Columbia, with convenient access to major road, rail, and marine transportation.
Manufacturing departments are comprised of machine shop steel fabrication shop, and assembly departments, with separate office and administrative spaces.

Machine Shop


  • Maximum turning diameter – 72 inches (1830 mm)
  • Maximum bed length – 28 feet (8530 mm)
  • Tracer turning available on all size ranges

Vertical Boring Mills

  • Largest machine capable of turning up to 17.4 feet (5200 mm) in diameter
  • Equipped with infinitely variable drives for all motions
  • Two mills equipped with a tracer attachment and one mill with a 2-axis numerical read-out system

Horizontal Boring Mills

  • Two 4-inch (100 mm) spindle diameters
  • Tables to 48 inches ( 1220 mm) square and height to 72 inches (1830 mm) equipped with a 3-axis numerical read-out system

Horizontal Floor Boring Mill

  • 4-Axis CNC controlled, x=23’-0 (7000mm) y=118” (3000mm) z=16 ½ (419mm) w=39” (1000mm) equipped with 78” x 78” (2000mm x 2000mm) fully powered digital controlled rotary table – weight capacity 56 tons

Milling Machines

  • 3800mm x 1000mm Table surface
  • 8500 kg Max weight
  • (X) 3500mm Longitudinal travel
  • (Y) 1000mm Cross Travel
  • (Z) 1000mm Vertical Travel
  • 40 tool capacity

Fabrication Shop


  • 4,000 and 10,000 lb capacities

Sub-Arc Welding Machine

Stress-Relieving Oven

7 ft x 11 ft x 12 ft

Other equipment includes conventional electric welding machines, gas welding, CO2 welding, wire welding, submerged-arc and semi-automatic, and Tig welding.

Assembly Shop

Hydraulic Presses

  • 350 ton horizontal machine
  • 50 and 200 ton vertical machine

Painting Services

“We (CP&P) had a major incident with a critical machine on our production line. To change it out would take 48 hours. Instead, we decided to replace the failed components on site, to reduce the downtime by half. This was a tough decision to make as there is a higher risk involved with an insitu repair. Kadant Carmanah's immediate response allowed the work to be completed as quickly as possible because at no time were we held up waiting for parts. Kadant Carmanah's input with respect to assembly details and procedure was also key to our success. Repairs were completed in just 18 hours versus 24, cutting the downtime by almost 60%.”

~ Gerry Ortner P. Eng, Cariboo Pulp and Paper

To inquire about Kadant Carmanah's ability to assist with industrial machining, fabrication, and stress relieving services, please contact us.

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