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Chippers - Veneer

Chippers - Veneer
The Kadant Carmanah veneer chipper processes veneer waste at high production rates.
The heavy-duty, thick disc is inclined 15° to the horizontal, providing the necessary relief for unobstructed feeding. The positive, multi-roll feed works smoothly to compresses veneer waste, preventing movement during processing which is critical to producing high-quality chips.


  • One-man knife change
  • Feedworks pivot frame can be lifted fully away from the anvil area
  • Hinged casing quadrant on bottom discharge chippers
  • Keyed, fixed anvil


  • Save time on knife changes for higher availability rates
  • Generous maintenance access to anvil and cleanup roll area
  • Provides ample access for knife changes
  • New anvils drop in place and seldom require clearance adjustments

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