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Chippers - Disc (Whole Log)

Chippers - Disc (Whole Log)
Kadant Carmanah produces some of the wood industry's highest quality and robust chippers for waste-wood and whole-log applications.

With more than 90 years' experience, the company and its predecessors, have manufactured thousands of chippers installed in pulp woodrooms, 'stand-alone' chip plants, sawmill and planer mill sites throughout the world.

Kadant Carmanah offers whole log disc chippers in disc diameters up to 117". Spout under shaft chippers from Kadant Carmanah come fitted with a swing-away side anvil door which allows relief in cases when rocks, metal or other foreign material is fed to the chipper. Kadant Carmanah also produces high-volume, spout over shaft (SOS) chippers for applications where large diameter logs are common place.


  • Shear-pin protected anvil

  • Lightweight, carbide side and bottom anvil inserts
  • Optimized chipper geometry
  • One-man knife change


  • Minimizes downtime and damage caused by rocks or metal
  • Easy to replace and long lasting
  • Creates stable chipping position for maximum chip quality
  • Save time on knife changes for higher availability rates

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