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Debarker - Fuji King

Debarker - Fuji King
The Fuji King rotary debarker is an innovative development in debarking technology employing a combination of mechanical abrasion and log-to-log contact to efficiently remove bark from logs of all shapes and species.

The result is cleanly debarked logs with minimal wood loss, from difficult to debark and widely varying furnish.

When used to process species with stringy bark, such as Eucalyptus and Acacia, the Fuji King debarker does an excellent job of separating loosened bark from the flow of debarked logs reducing the need for post-debarking, bark separation rolls.


  • Bolt-on, replaceable debarking blocks
  • Debarking blocks available in multiple profiles in varying degrees of aggressiveness
  • Bolt-on, replaceable combs
  • When compared to drum debarkers, less connected motor power is required
  • Gentle tumbling action
  • No de-icing required


  • Minimize welding time reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • Quickly and easily fine tune debarker to minimize wood losses in easy-to-debark conditions or ensure bark removal targets are achieved in dry or frozen conditions
  • Easily replace comb sections as they wear
  • Energy savings
  • Less log breakage resulting in improved strand or chip quality
  • Effectively debark frozen wood without need for thawing or deicing resulting in effluent treatment

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