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Chippers - Drum

Chippers - Drum
The Straight Knife Drum (SKD) chipper uses straight-edged knives mounted across the face of a cylindrical drum, fed from an inclined chute, to produce quality chips.

The knife and discharge screen arrangements can be varied and fine-tuned to match a wide variety of furnishes including logs, boards, trim ends, edgings, and short log ends (“lily pads”).

The anvil is mounted on a robust shear pin-protected pivoting carrier. This helps protect against damage from large pieces of metal or other unintended foreign objects. The overall chipper construction is exceptionally sturdy and maintainable.


  • Shear-pin protected anvil
  • Adjustable, integral recovery screen
  • Heavy-duty, solid steel rotor
  • One-man knife change


  • Minimizes downtime and damage caused by rocks or metal
  • Limits oversized chips at the source
  • Built to last
  • Save time on knife changes for higher availability rates

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